Tim Harvey, Alex McLaren and Jim Oakes welcome you to the ACFE UK Chapter which is   managed by an elected committee, made up of volunteers, who give their time and effort to help promote the fight against fraud.

If you feel that you could make a contribution towards the running of the chapter we would be delighted to hear from you.


2014 Chapter Officers

Jim Oakes CFE CFCI                   President/Chair 

Alex McLaren CFE                       Vice President/Chair (Scotland) 

Laura Davies ACFS ACFT            Secretary

Carl Watson CFE ACFS               Treasurer

Fred Parr CFE                              Training Director 

David Rosen CFE                         Director (Strategy)                                                             

Roy Burnett CFE                          Director (Communications)

Board Members

Gary Miller

Simon Gunning CFE

Gus MacKenzie CFE ACFS 

Kim Marsh CFE CAMS

Steve Hyndman 

George Weir (Scotland)

Tim Harvey CFE                         ACFE Events Administrator 

Enquiries about joining the ACFE or taking the CFE exam can be addressed to Tim Harvey  -  click here



Chapter contact details

Jim Oakes CFE CFCI
 (ACFE UK Chapter President)

ACFE UK Chapter office

78 York Street


Tel: +44 (0)207 692 1888





ACFE Report to Members  –  Past Successes, Future Goals: 2013 Year in Review.

With the new year comes an opportunity to look back at the accomplishments of 2013. The ACFE’s Report to Members: Past Successes, Future Goals reflects on a year of fighting fraud and supporting the profession around the globe. The Report includes interactive multimedia features and links for easy navigation.

The ACFE Report to Members 2013 is available  by clicking here.